The built environment plays a role in solving social and environmental challenges locally and globally.
Our role is to ensure we leave a legacy we can all be proud of.

Who Are We?

About Design-Itude Associates is a full-service architectural and interior design studio dedicated to developing inspiring, socially safe, and practical spaces.

We believe, our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives. As such, architecture must be functional. It must complement the space it fills and the space it creates. And it must be created with sustainability and resilience in mind.

Great architecture is where science and art come together, and that’s when architecture comes to life.

We work to our client’s scale delivering design projects big and small, from master plans for resorts to residential loft conversions and extensions.

Mission, vision and Ethos

Mission, vision and ethos statements serve as the foundation for Design-Itudes strategic plan. They convey the purpose, direction and underlying values for us. These statements serve as powerful tools that provide Design-Itude with meaningful guidance, especially in times of rapid change.

Our Values

We value long-term relationships and work hard to develop and maintain them.
We embrace corporate social responsibility and work to mitigate environmental impact.
We always provide professional, unbiased advice on all aspects of our service.
We push the boundaries & leverage technology to create fresh and engaging solutions.

Our Objectives

To promise to deliver and to deliver what we promise.
To behave in a professional manner and surpass client expectations.
To always be there for the client when they need us.
To maintain the highest level of service.

About Studio Leadership

Ahmed Youssef.


Ahmed has a 20-year Architectural and Interior Design background and a sound knowledge of sustainability. The natural world informs his design palette and he sees beauty in simplicity, designing instinctively with technical ability in equal measures. Ahmed can quickly interpret the client’s requirements, listen to the brief and develop the best workable strategy on time and within budget.

Rasha Shafik.


Rasha is a creative individual with a strong design flare and has over 6 years of experience in the design industry. Her ambition and forward-thinking enables her to come up with innovative ideas and think outside the box. She leads large-scale design projects and forms strong relationships with clients, listening to what they want and then pitching ideas and showcasing her creative vision.

Joe davis.


Joe is one of our Senior Associates. He manages and supports our London office and focuses primarily on enhancing the development of the DiA team. He is an enthusiastic individual and a proactive manager. His organisational skills are phenomenal.

Maii Youssef.


Maii is a highly motivated and ambitious individual with a keen eye for detail. Working within landscape architecture and design, Maii leads, advises, plans, designs, and oversees the creation, regeneration, and development of projects.

Ryan Hutchinson.


Ryan, one of our Senior Associates has strong attention to detail. He has superb communication and drawing skills, working well with the team and contractors to ensure that drawings are produced to a standard and that the company standards and protocols are maintained.

Senior Team Members

Abdu Hany.

Structural Engineer

Abdu is our structural engineer. He calculates stability, strength and rigidity on all projects, ensuring the correct materials are used.

Aya Khalaf.

Senior Architect

Aya is one of our senior architects. She monitors the work of other architects within the business and makes tactical recommendations.

Joe Parker.

Health and Safety

Joe is our health and safety co-ordinator. He oversees the safety, health environment, and quality assurance on site inspections.



Mai is one of our Senior Architects. She has an eye for detail, reviewing and designing architectural and engineering plans.

MARIA Peklivanas.


Maria is one of our Senior interior designers. She delivers projects from concept through to completion, with a dedicated work ethic and attention to detail.



Mia is our Creative Director.She has a creative flair and positive mindset, enabling her to build solid relationships with clients.

Mohammed Tahan.

Contracts Coordinator

Mohammad is our contracts coordinator. He manages contracts relating to building projects, studying the legalities of contracts, and helping to negotiate terms and conditions.

Ramy Adham.

Technical Coordinator

Ramy is our technical coordinator. He helps to produce and interpret technical diagrams, plans, and paperwork.

SHANnon Fred.


Shannon is also one of our Senior Architects. She is responsible for the development of the design,and day-to-day follow-up with the
design team.

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