The tailor cuts off cloth while we plan interior spaces. We don't have a design style, because it's our conviction that a glamorous interior is only done when made bespoke to those who influenced it.

Imagine a space that has been redesigned to maximize the use of beautiful light and voluminous space by using inspiring, exquisite and innovative interior design principles.

This is an atmosphere that brings happiness.

Design-itude is built on the belief that people can only deliver great design with a strong social and cultural comprehension of the societies they are designing for.

​Our Interiors division is a specialized interior design arm offering design advisory services in the residential, corporate, commercial, retail, lifestyle and recreation sectors.

We are renowned for innovation in design, management and prompt execution of projects.

This reputation has enabled our Interiors division to earn numerous repeated commissions from clients who settle for nothing but the best.

​We will assist you in finding a simple and versatile approach to your interior needs. Starting with an initial consultation to build your personalized design package.

Working with you and your budget, Design-itude delivers a fresh personal interior design service. Removing the stresses and challenges of renovation, furnishing or lighting.


Services Include:

The range of services is different in each country.

Sourcing and Supplying Furniture (FF&E)

Specifying Light Fixtures

Colour Schemes


Lighting and Electrical Plans

Technical Drawings: bathrooms, kitchens and storage

Elevation Drawings

3D Renders & Visuals

3D Walk Through

Mood Boards – Fabrics and Materials

Tailored Quote Including Delivery & Installation

Sharing trusted supplier contacts: builders, flooring, bespoke furniture, artists, blinds and curtains.

Places with an exclusive and permanent appeal

We deliver individually tailored interior design services to each of our customers, designing a practical and appealing atmosphere that benefits the quality of life.

Places to appreciate and to be proud of ...

From interior advice on a new home acquisition, renovation or remodelling of your office, interior spaces whatever their purpose, we are here to help you

Places that promote sense of belonging.

We work with homeowners, landlords, property developers and property management companies across London, the UK and abroad.

Places wherein people feel comfortable.

We design for the interaction between internal and outdoor spaces and the interweaving of private and public life, using strong proportions, inventive features, warm materials, and a sense of enclosure.

Places where people flourish.

We have a skilled suppliers network, including fine artisan artists, such as muralists and custom furniture makers, to create timeless designs, customized artworks, and furnishings for our clients.

Places that bring love, harmony & serenity.

We also source high-quality, eco-friendly materials from a range of trusted resources and suppliers from across the globe.

If your property is in Belgravia, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, or any other prime locations in London or anywhere globally, luxurious interior design offers an opportunity to build a space that demonstrates your privileged lifestyle.

Your space should be both incredibly elegant and flawless. Perfectly restored, planned, crafted to your personal taste, featuring luxury designer furniture and beautiful decoration, fabrics and finishes, built from the latest interior innovations, an environment that makes you feel at heart.

Recognised as one of London’s finest interior designers and landscape designers, we specialise in state-of-the-art interior design and residential refurbishment of London’s residences, townhouses and penthouses by show-houses, mansions and country villas. We offer enhanced and elegant interior design facilities and experience in designing beautiful and unique luxurious interiors.

If the project is a modern building or an upscale refurbishment, our approach reflects the tastes and preferences, whether traditional or modern, while integrating the unique strengths and opportunities that each room provides.


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