Our approach to design is one of discovery and storytelling.


Our approach is to take a deep dive into the character and backgrounds of the people who inspire our ventures and the communities where they live. Then the result is a concise programming guide that defines the essential goals of the community, identifies obstacles, and establishes the intentions, expectations and aspirations of the people living there.

Team Building

Although we love working in collaboration with outside experts. This is especially true for our luxury home and commercial projects where their input is invaluable. Every engineering, design, and construction individual has skills, knowledge, and unique insight that will define what can be achieved. This also informs our recruitment: Our staff all have different backgrounds and experiences to keep those ideas and innovation flowing!

Concept Design

The design-itude approach is to establish the framework for the design from this investigation of floor plan arrangement, space connections, and exterior design. , this step looks at the connection of each of the spaces to the other. What size do they need to be so they are functional? Does the layout of these rooms evoke a specific feeling or achieve the goal of healthier living? materials, colors, themes, and layout.

Detailed Design

Design-itude depends on a number of written and drawn- out knowledge approaches to enhance the description and interpretation of the design principle. Above all our multi-disciplinary the team enables all this to happen in-house, or we can work with any other consultants in the field.


Design-study aims to use a a thorough presentation of costs and specifications to cut errors and help prevent revisions during the implementation process. So, The design requirements are more or less the same as defined from the start, but they are enhanced as the design progresses to suit the elements introduced.After all More work improving and clearing details help the next steps as they progress.

The Building

Design-itude seeks to be a useful a complement to the construction team. Hence we strive to create trusting relationships with all stakeholders, resulting in an enjoyable and satisfying process for everyone involved

Riba Stages

Each project has its own particular needs and aspects, so, we are versatile in the provision of our services and when responding to our client’s ideas and requirements.

This approach encourages us to collaborate closely with you to discover your project’s true value; whether it is to build the space of your dreams or to maximize the return on your investment.

Scale is not an issue. After all, we have an estimated project budget of between £150,000 and £2,500,000.

Weather, we don’t believe in simply dishing out drawings; rather, we can provide a wide range of assistance approaches during the course of the entire project to make sure each idea is delivered upon.

Strategic Definition

Basically, a straightforward, succinct project goal including the achievement of consistency and desired results. Detailed analysis by several means includ- ing site assessment, stakeholder interviews, audited head counts, inventory surveys, and space utilisation analysis. We generate designs and prototypes to model space requirements.

Preparation & Brief

During this stage, At first we explore the procurement options for your project and recommend the most suitable. Surveys and analyses are carried out. This could include a building survey, and below-ground utility searches to identify all related unknowns, and keep in mind that budgets and your plans and design preferences.

Concept Design

Once we have your ideal vision for your project, then we outline our thoughts through sketches. We then use 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) to bring the concept to life. We explore the feasibility of implementing sustainable green building strategies and technologies.

Detailed Design

During this stage, we plan the defined concept, organize and update the structural design, building services programs, outline requirements, cost details, and project strategies. As well as, we improve our process by adding layers of detail and ensure consistency with our main stakeholders.

Technical Design

Upon planning approval, we develop your project design to meet building codes and regulations, and provide comprehensive construction plans for contractors and builders to submit their estimates. So, At this stage of our work ensures transparency, excellence in the procedure, and an outstanding outcome.


Part of our role is to resolve any construction issues that arise. We obtain sign-offs from the Building Control Officer and the Authorised Inspector and closely monitor the project’s deadlines. Weather, we coordinate with the Contractor to make sure you are using your new space as planned and without avoidable delays.


At this point, we will undertake final inspections to ensure your property has been completed to the highest standards and to specification. So, we provide as-built information, recommend resolutions to any defects and provide assistance throughout. Finally, we issue a Completion Certificate.

In Use

We remain close to our clients managing additional needs when they arise and performing post-occupation research if requested. Often, post-completion, the client needs more information,e.g when a client wants to carry out more construction work or change existing spaces.

Design-Itude Associate


Tell us what you're trying to create and why, and where your interest stems from. Then, We will find the meaning in your project, give it form and substance, and weave it through the built environment.


How do you approach a building? and How do you enter it and move through it? What do you see and what do you touch? This allows us to maximize the experience of the people who will use the building and its spaces.


We question assumptions and distill every project down to its essential purpose. However when you’re not constrained by what’s come before, you are free to create something completely new and inspirational.


Architecture is a blend of engineering and art. It weaves the science and the experiential into something practical and beautiful. So, when the design crystallizes and works, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.


This is about you! The spaces we bring to life are an expression of your needs, your intentions and your aspirations. At the heart of all we do is the desire to use design to help you live and work in a new or better way.

We promise to....

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