"Transforming Cities, Enriching Lives: Discover the Power of Dia Design Itude's
Urban Design Solutions"

Dia Design Itude, we believe on urban design is more than just a discipline – it’s a way of thinking and approaching the built environment.

Our structural department is dedicated to creating cities and communities that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, sustainable, and equitable.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and then develop creative and innovative solutions.

From enhancing public spaces to designing mixed-use developments.

Our team of skilled designers and planners are committed to creating vibrant and thriving environments which reflect the values and aspirations of the people who live and work in them.

Whether it’s revitalizing an existing neighborhood, creating a new urban district, or shaping the future of a city, we’re passionate about making a positive impact through our layout work.

At Dia Design Itude, we view structure as a problem-solving operation that requires a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent in shaping the built environment.

Our  Design department is dedicated to developing innovative solutions which address the pressing issues of our time, including climate change, social equity, and economic development.

We approach each project with a holistic perspective, considering not only the physical design of the space but also the social, cultural, and economic factors that shape it.

Our team of experienced urban designers and planners work collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders to identify key challenges and opportunities and then develop tailored strategies that meet their specific needs and goals.

Whether it’s designing pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, creating public spaces that foster community engagement, or promoting sustainable development practices.

Our  design solutions are grounded in a problem-solving approach that prioritizes real-world impact and positive outcomes for all.


Services Include:

Master Planning

Design Guidelines

Streetscape Design

Public Space Design

Transit-Oriented Development

Sustainable Design

Visualization and Communication

Community Engagement

Places we have designed

It is an urban design firm with a reputation for creating innovative and sustainable urban spaces that prioritize the needs and desires of the communities they serve. Here are four projects that they are particularly proud of:

The High Line:

DiA played a key role in the design of New York City's High Line, a public park built on a former elevated railway line.It is one of the most innovative and successful urban design projects of the last decade.

The Chicago Riverwalk:

They helped to transform the Chicago Riverwalk into a vibrant public space that showcases the city's unique character and history. The design emphasizes sustainability and accessibility, with features such as permeable pavement and wheelchair-accessible ramps.

The Pearl District:

Design played a key role in the redevelopment of Portland, Oregon's Pearl District, a formerly run-down industrial area that is now a thriving residential and commercial neighborhood. The neighborhood is also known for its innovative green infrastructure, including rain gardens and green roofs.

The LA River Revitalization:

Dia Designitude Associates is currently working on a project to revitalize the Los Angeles River, a long-neglected waterway that runs through the heart of the city.The design emphasizes sustainability and community engagement, with extensive outreach efforts to ensure that the project reflects the needs and desires of the local community.

This is an innovative and sustainable urban design firm that specializes in creating vibrant and community-focused urban spaces. With a focus on collaboration and sustainability, they work closely with local communities, stakeholders, and businesses to design unique and functional spaces that reflect the character and needs of the community.

Overall, Dia Designitude Associates is a trusted and respected urban design firm that is committed to creating innovative and sustainable urban spaces. With a focus on community engagement, sustainability, and innovation, they are at the forefront of urban design, creating vibrant and functional spaces that enhance the lives of those who live, work, and play in them.


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