Slice Pizza


London, UK.

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240 SQM


F& B Design, Design

Project Value

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Slice consisted of a pizza restaurant in the heart on London. The clients main request was to create a unique and stylish space – not following the traditional pizzeria interior. In order to achieve this we created a range of funky mood boards consisting of a variety of materials and bright colours.
Unconsciously, each colour affects the mood and state of mind differently. Some colours boost happiness, others give a sense of comfort. Therefore, hospitality businesses must be very careful with the psychology of colours in their decoration. In many ways, store colours become a silent language which subconsciously influences a guests brand perceptions. Studies show that the colours displayed within a restaurant can have an impact on a variety of emotions and behaviours. Yellow and orange tones both increase mental activity and are associated with happiness and positive energy. In order to ensure the space met the clients expectations we used a vibrant colour scheme with a range of natural elements and sustainable materials. We also took into consideration the target audience, lighting, furniture, flooring and music.

The key materials we used within the design of this project were…

  • Greenery – pop of green and meanwhile creating a chilled vibe.
  • Wood – to give the room warmth.
  • Exposed brickwork – portrays character.
  • Wall paintings – adding texture and colour to the space.
  • Polished concerete – implenting raw and durable features.
Designing a bright and vibrant space, using natural elements and sustainable materials meanwhile keeping within budget and to a tight timeframe.

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